PDA Aargau


The educational institutions reflect society. The tendency is to teach what can be used for the economy. This contrasts with an emancipatory education that enables us to overcome exploitation and class rule.

We specifically demand:

  • An increase in state financial support for public educational institutions
  • The targeted support of working class and migrant children regardless of the residence status of their parents
  • The prohibition of private-sector influence on the content of research and teaching, for example through textbooks
  • A democratically run school based on cooperation and collective responsibility
  • Free education for everyone from crèche to graduation including vocational training
  • Compulsory and free schooling for everyone up to the age of 18
  • At least two days of vocational school for all trainees
  • The abolition of the multi-tier school system in the compulsory elementary level in favor of the all-day comprehensive school in order to prevent premature selection
  • Sex education from lower level, including LGBT questions
  • The financial support of all students and trainees who need it
  • More training places through the funding of state training workshops
  • The expansion of the rights for trainees and their better protection
  • More teachers in primary and secondary schools
  • Continuous further training for teachers with the aim of better understanding the social realities of the children’s lives
  • An upper limit on the number of pupils per class from daycare to the end of school
  • The reduction of the teaching hours of the teachers
  • Active drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention
  • A denominational school
  • Combating bullying in schools
  • Combating sexual harassment, especially at universities, colleges and vocational schools
  • Vocational training that takes account of changes in the energy sector and respect for the environment
  • Targeted support for children and young people with problems and disabilities

We will not rest …

until, with the socialist society, education no longer serves economic interests, but the development of personality and society.