PDA Aargau


The EU serves to enforce the capitalist and imperialist interests of the rulers and large corporations. The bilateral agreements between Switzerland and the EU consolidate neoliberal policy in Switzerland. We are committed to a Europe based on values such as tolerance, solidarity, peace and anti-fascism.

We specifically demand:

  • Renegotiating the bilateral agreements with the EU so that they serve the interests of the broader population
  • The expansion of the accompanying measures as well as the necessary financial and human resources to ensure their implementation
  • No accession of Switzerland to the EU
  • Maintaining neutrality vis-à-vis the EU
  • Refusing to participate actively or passively in wars and breaking off all relations with imperialist alliances such as NATO
  • No framework agreements that run counter to the interests of workers and oblige Switzerland to unilaterally adopt EU rights

And we will not rest …

until a solidary and ecological Europe of peace in the interests of working people is achieved.