PDA Aargau


We live in a dictatorship of banks and corporations. Most people have nothing to say. Radical changes are imperative. All areas of life, including the economy, must be determined democratically.

We demand:

  • The immediate termination of all negotiations on free trade agreements such as TISA. New negotiations must first be approved by Parliament
  • The abolition of all electoral hurdles such as threshold clauses
  • Voting rights as well as the active and passive right to vote for all people living in Switzerland from the age of 18
  • Accountability and voting rights of elected executive members
  • The abolition of lifelong pensions for the elected at all political levels
  • Transparency and the setting of a maximum amount for election campaigns
  • The introduction of co-determination in companies
  • Student representatives
  • A representation of interests with equal representation in the universities
  • The preservation and guarantee of basic democratic rights, including the right to demonstrate
  • The ban on any mass surveillance

And we will not rest …

until democracy rules everywhere and is no longer just an appearance that allows the rulers to keep their privileges.