PDA Aargau


Racism helps maintain the capitalist balance of power. Scapegoats serve to divide workers and divert attention from the real problems of the population.

We specifically demand:

  • The Swiss passport for everyone born in Switzerland
  • The legalization of the Sans-Papiers, because nobody is illegal
  • The criminal prosecution of any xenophobic and racist act
  • A law on foreigners and asylum based on humanity and solidarity
  • Switzerland’s withdrawal from the Schengen and Dublin agreements
  • Adequate housing and health care for refugees
  • Free movement of people for everyone
  • A right to work for everyone living in Switzerland with the same pay for the same work
  • Recognition as political refugees by all those people who are persecuted or imprisoned because of their sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Ending the detention of refugee minors
  • The legalization of homeland travel for second and third generation refugees

And we will not rest …

until, with the socialist society, racism and xenophobia are relics of a dark past.