PDA Aargau


In a class society, cultural policy also has a class character. This has to be countered by a democratic culture. Culture should serve to expand awareness. It must promote understanding of the world and dialogue between people from all walks of life. In this sense, it is an essential prerequisite for the improvement of our society. In our current system, however, culture is subject to the logic of profit and thus cannot fulfill its actual mission. We advocate a culture that is oriented towards the following main goal: development of the individual and society.

We specifically demand:

  • Free access to classes in music, dance, painting and general artistic activities
  • The better distribution of public money in culture
  • The increased promotion of young artists by offering appropriate training opportunities and freedom
  • The creation of self-managed, artistic freedom
  • State funding for cultural events
  • Guaranteed access to culture for everyone
  • The support of the theater staff

We will not rest …

until, with the socialist society, art and culture have become a place of unrestricted, artistic development and reflection on social development.