PDA Aargau


Living space is there for living – and not to increase the profits of property owners immeasurably. Affordable housing is a fundamental right. The quality of the home is closely related to the quality of life and health.

We specifically demand:

  • The right to housing; affordable housing for everyone
  • The end of evictions
  • The state control of rents with a rent upper limit: every apartment is recorded, every apartment has a controlled price. The existing rents are to be checked
  • The prohibition of speculation with housing and land
  • A general right of first refusal on the tax value for municipalities and housing associations when selling real estate and building land
  • The surrender of real estate to the public sector only under building law
  • The nationalization and thus the democratic control of real estate
  • The construction of inexpensive housing
  • The abolition of deposit payments for tenants
  • No privatization of apartments
  • The promotion of assisted living space for people in need and easier access to it
  • The support of cooperative and participatory housing projects
  • Switching off electricity and water in the event of tenants’ financial difficulties must be prohibited
  • A demolition ban, except for socially acceptable new construction projects
  • Comprehensive protection against dismissal
  • The expropriation of severely neglected buildings

We will not rest …

until the socialist society transforms private control over land into a mere right of use.