PDA Aargau


International solidarity is a fundamental value of the Party of Labor. We want a committed Switzerland that works to ensure that the gap between rich and poor worldwide becomes smaller. A Switzerland that is committed to peace.

We specifically demand:

  • The abolition of the compulsory military service levy
  • The ban on the sale of war material
  • The withdrawal of all Swiss army personnel who are deployed abroad. Exceptions can be made for UN operations
  • The immediate termination of military cooperation with, among others, the armies of the NATO countries, Israel and the monarchies of the Gulf States
  • No Swiss participation and participation in projects for a European Army (Pesco)
  • Supporting self-determination and the sovereignty of the peoples against imperialism
  • Fair trade relations with developing and emerging countries as well as development cooperation amounting to at least 1 percent of Switzerland’s gross domestic product
  • The recognition of the Palestinian state by the Swiss Confederation
  • The end of the blockade against Cuba. The Swiss government should actively campaign for this
  • The lifting of Switzerland’s illegal and illegal sanctions against Venezuela
  • The ban on the manufacture, use and export of LBD-40 launchers (pistol-like device for hard rubber projectiles, among other things)
  • The dismantling of weapons and army personnel as well as a cut in the army’s budget
  • No new fighter jets
  • The free choice of community service, which must be on an equal footing with military service, and its opening up to women
  • No use of the army to maintain internal security or at the borders against the entry of migrants
  • Switzerland’s whereabouts in the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)

And we will not rest …

until the danger of war is averted with the socialist society.