PDA Aargau


Agriculture and food decisions are made today by the large multinationals and free trade agreements. We are committed to ensuring that farmers and the Swiss population can make their own decisions about the food they want to consume. We aim to drastically reduce the use of pesticides. In this way, we want to gradually achieve an agroecological Switzerland. The goal is sustainable, economical, ecological and social agriculture that replaces chemicals with biological means.

We specifically demand:

  • Access to healthy, regional, sufficient food for everyone
  • Diverse and organic agriculture that protects valuable natural resources, namely the soil and seeds. The renunciation of everything that harms the consumer (GMO-free etc.)
  • State support so that small businesses can pay their employees at least 4500 francs per month, working 35 hours a week
  • An agricultural policy that guarantees food sovereignty, determines prices and protects and promotes regional food so that farmers can live in dignity
  • A production standard according to the needs of agriculture and consumers and not according to the guidelines of the EU. Logically, we want Switzerland to abandon the Cassis de Dijon principle
  • An agricultural policy that promotes local production as well as direct sales and drastically restricts the import of food
  • The preservation of cultivated areas, especially for field management (crop rotation), in their quantity and quality
  • The end of factory farming
  • Promoting consumer cooperatives who work directly with producers
  • Promoting awareness of the environment and agriculture among school-age children
  • Legalizing the cultivation, sale and use of cannabis
  • State support for environmentally friendly agricultural cultivation methods
  • Effective measures against food waste and loss

We will not rest …

until, with the socialist society, the landscape is in harmony with nature and in the service of the regional population.