PDA Aargau

In order for something to develop for the better, we have to take it into our own hands.

Many look up to great masters - full of false hope. They worship and cheer them, blindly trusting them to make the world better for us. And some of these greats initially have nothing else in mind. But once he has reached the top, he only sees the world from above. He only sees us down here very small and blurry. No, it can't be! We can only improve our situation ourselves.

We are ordinary working people - and we want to stay that way. We put a lot of obstacles in the way of the abuse of power, for example with our statutes, which are based on grassroots democracy, give officials only an imperative mandate and demand rotation and compulsory contributions. In return, every member has far-reaching rights to become active in a self-determined manner.

Honest work moves the world forward – as long as it doesn't exploit us. And that is unfortunately very often the case today: those to whom we have to sell our labor power primarily benefit from the fruits of our labor. Their capital is piling up more and more, towering high into the sky. From up there they announce their message, which wants to make us believe that this is all for our good. No, it's not. What really helps us is when we start sharing in solidarity. Everything we need to work should also belong to all of us, so that we can invest a surplus in such a way that we get something out of it.