PDA Aargau


We defend public services and their role in building a more just society based on solidarity. This is in complete contrast to our opponents: Your only credo and goal is profit maximization and thus the complete privatization of the public service. Post, SBB, Swisscom, hospitals and power supply (to name just a few examples) are targeted by those who only think about their profit.

We specifically demand:

  • The immediate stop of privatizations in the public sector
  • No framework agreement with the EU that provides for privatization in the public sector
  • State investment in the public sector and its expansion
  • The immediate stop of post office closings
  • The concrete right of co-determination of the municipalities and citizens in the restructuring of the post offices
  • The secure access for all citizens to the services of the universal service of the post, as it is anchored in the federal constitution
  • Fixed employment relationships for all employees in the public service

And we will not rest …

until in the socialist society public services will lead to an increase in the quality of life and for the benefit of all.