PDA Aargau


Without a determined and consistent fight against sexism and ideological stereotypes, social and societal changes cannot take place. It is a struggle that affects everyone, because to build a solidary society in which everyone has equal rights, everyone, women and men, is needed together.

We specifically demand:

  • The enforcement of equal pay for women and men
  • The legal obligation for companies to end the gender pay gap
  • Paid parental leave of at least 18 months, divided equally into maternity and paternity leave, as well as the prohibition of dismissal if the job is resumed
  • The guarantee for high quality and affordable access to crèches, kindergartens and extracurricular care up to the age of 13
  • No increase in the women’s retirement age
  • Implementation of the international Istanbul Convention, which defines and recognizes violence against women as a violation of human rights
  • Protection against gender-based violence
  • The right of every person to self-determination about their body, which in particular guarantees access to contraception and the termination of a pregnancy
  • Sex education from primary school onwards, focusing in particular on gender, stereotypes and discrimination
  • The abolition of value added tax (VAT) for feminine hygiene products, which are now taxed like products that are not considered to be essential goods
  • Carrying out prevention campaigns against all forms of violence against women
  • The development of an educational program at all school levels that respects the different gender identities
  • A guarantee of financial means and resources for specific offers for women

And we will not rest …

until all gender inequalities become a relic of the capitalist past.