PDA Aargau


Unequal distribution of wealth is the most visible sign of capitalism. A few own most, most almost nothing. An injustice! The world is upside down, we help it on its feet!

We specifically demand:

  • The increase in the profit and wealth tax of corporations
  • The radical increase in property gains tax
  • The increase in taxes on big assets and big incomes
  • The introduction of a tax on financial transactions
  • The introduction of a national inheritance tax
  • The standardization of the tax rates of municipalities and cantons
  • The nationalization and thus the democratic control of the banks and insurance groups as well as the important strategic economic sectors
  • The abolition of value added tax (VAT) on basic goods
  • Taxing robots when they replace workers to fund social security
  • The complete abolition of banking secrecy for the definitive end of Switzerland’s tax haven

And we will not rest …

until, with socialist society, the rich are no longer rich and the poor are no longer poor.